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Need a good non-profit to receive your Birthday Club or Life of the Card donations?  Or just a great charity to help out (besides us, we mean)?  Below are some suggestions.
While all of these web sites have pages dedicated to donating, there is still a way for you to give and be anonymous about it.  Try Evergreen's Anonymous GivingYou can find that feature at our online store.  Just be sure to leave us a note at checkout about where your dollars are to go.
Capital Campaigns in the Salem area:
  Salem Rotary's New Community Amphitheater.  A partnership with the City of Salem for the benefit of everyone.
  YMCA of Marion and Polk Counties.  To replace their 1926 building.
  Union Gospel Mission of Salem.  For a new building and a new location.
  Queen of Peace Parish.  For building improvements.
Mike McLaran Center for Student Success, Salem-Keizer Education Foundation.  That may be a mouthful, but helping students better prepare for college or careers is always a good thing.
As always, thank you!
  Evergreen Charitable Trust

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