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Need a good non-profit to receive your Birthday Club or Life of the Card donations?  Or just a great charity to help out (besides us, we mean)?  Below are some suggestions.
While all of these web sites have pages dedicated to donating, there is still a way for you to give and be anonymous about it.  Try Evergreen's Anonymous Giving!  (Alas, that feature is not available right now but will return with our new and improved online store.)
Assistance League of Salem-Keizer.  Since 1962, the Assistance League has been an all-volunteer organization that provides compassionate, caring services to those in need through community-based philanthropic programs.  Their vision is to meet the changing needs of less fortunate individuals in the greater Salem-Keizer area.  Operation School Bell and the Independent Living Program are just two of the many projects that the Assistance League needs your help with.
Silverleaf School.  Our leaders of tomorrow must be nurtured today, even if they may be a tad "intellectually precocious".  Silverleaf School may be what they need.  Silverleaf School provides a dynamic and supportive education experience that propels talented and gifted learners.  They provide a continuum of individualized options in an active and collaborative learning environment that prioritizes innovation and creativity.  Support the future by supporting Silverleaf School today.
As always, thank you!
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