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What if you want to start a charitable endowment fund, but don't have the high minimum that other charitable institutions require?

There is something you can do. Start your own endowment under your own name with the Acorn Plan. Earnings from your account can be distributed upon your request to the charity of your choice.

Contributions to your Acorn account are tax-deductible, can be made by cash, check, or by major credit cards, and can be any amount that you want them to be.

There is no administrative cost. 100% of the earnings of your account may be distributed annually to the charities of your choice!

The Acorn Plan makes caring simple. Find out more:

How it Works

Just as a small acorn grows into a mighty oak, the Acorn Plan helps grow your contributions into a charitable endowment. It is a simple arrangement with no administrative costs to you.

Open up an Acorn account with any amount of money you wish. There is no minimum amount needed to start. Your contributions to Evergreen are income tax deductible just like any other charitable contribution.

Advise us how you want your money to be invested...either in a Money Market/CD pool managed by Evergreen or in a pool of Equity Investments managed as advised by Capital Financial Planners, LLC, Salem, Oregon.

Let Evergreen know how you want the earnings from your Acorn account to be distributed. We will send those earnings to the charity or charities of your choice annually, or you may let those earnings accumulate to build your endowment. You can change your charitable beneficiaries at any time.

Feel free to add to your Acorn account at any time and in any amount that you wish by cash, check, or by major credit cards.

Remember, all of this is happening without any administrative costs to you!

Start. Contribute. Advise. It is just that simple.


What is the difference between the Money Market/CD deposits and the Equity investments?

  • For Money Market/CD deposits, trustees will seek preservation of principal first and then a competitive rate of return. They will invest in money market funds and in certificates of deposit. Compared to Equity Investments, Money Market/CD deposits are safer, but may tend to have a lower average return.
  • For Equity Investments, trustees will seek a return with the understanding that the investments lose money in some years. They will invest in mutual funds, stocks, and bonds. Compared to Money Market/CD deposits, Equity Investments are likely to be more volatile, but may produce higher average returns. Account management fees are deducted from equity returns before allocations are made to individual endowment accounts.

Are any of my investment plan choices Federally insured?

  • Yes. Trustees will seek certificates of deposit that are federally insured.

The earnings on my Acorn account are distributed upon my request. What about the principal?

  • The principal (the amount that you put in) stays in your account perpetually.

Are all the earnings of my Acorn account distributed upon my request?

  • The Endowment Advisor may instruct Evergreen to distribute any or all of the earnings.

How can The Acorn Plan not have any administrative costs?

  • O'Neill Pine Company has made a corporate commitment to Evergreen Charitable Trust. This is a family-owned business. They received much to start their business and they continue to receive much through the grace of God and nature. This plan to build endowments is one of the ways in which they want to share some of the grace and resources they have received. They will pay for the administration of your Acorn account with no cost to you.

Are there limits to how much I can contribute each year?

  • There are currently no limits to how much you can add to your Acorn Plan.

I would like to donate by check. Who should the check be made out to?

  • Please make the check out to "Evergreen Charitable Trust".

How will I know how much is in my Acorn account and how much earnings there are to distribute?

  • Evergreen Charitable Trust will send to you, at least annually, a statement showing your principal and the available earnings to distribute.

Take Action!

You've made the decision to make a positive difference in the world. Good for you! Now comes the part where you have to tell us how to set up your Acorn account. You can also make changes to your existing Acorn account from this page. You can even add to an existing Acorn account right here. All you have to do is pick the correct form and the format that you can use. But we've made it simple you.

The start, change, and add forms are easy to use and are available to you as a downloadable PDF file (
click here to get the Adobe Acrobat Reader). Make your selection, use your browser's "file" menu and select "print" (make sure your printer is set to print "portrait"), and then use your browser's "back" button to return here.

Now then, what would you like to do?
I want to start an Acorn account.
I want to change the Investment Options, Endowment Advisor, and/or Beneficiaries to an existing Acorn account.
I want to add to an existing Acorn account.
Mail your completed form to:

Evergreen Charitable Trust
P.O. Box 7
Salem, OR 97308

Or, if you wish, you can scan your completed form and send it as an attachment to an e-mail.

Donations can be made by cash, check, or by major credit cards. If you are donating by check, please make the check out to "Evergreen Charitable Trust", indicate on the memo line which Acorn account it is for, and mail it with your form.

Please remember that Evergreen Charitable Trust will not share your information with anyone outside the Trust, except for our auditors and for legitimate requests from government authorities. We don't believe in annoying caring people like yourself who have made a commitment to do some good in the world.

Thank you!
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