Ideas for Giving
Need a good non-profit to receive your Birthday Club or Life of the Card donations? Or just a great charity to help out (besides us, we mean)? Below is a suggestion.

While all of these web sites we bring to you have pages dedicated to donating, there is still a way for you to give and be anonymous about it. Try Evergreen's
Anonymous Giving!

Church at the Park. We have a crisis when it comes to affordable housing. Church at the Park works to put up micro shelters to get good people under a good roof. Businesses and individuals can "adopt" these structures by contributing to C@P. They also have other programs that help those who could use some hope and support.

St. Francis Family Housing. Keeping a roof over your family is getting harder and harder, especially for those who don't have much to start with. For over 30 years, St. Francis Family Housing has been helping homeless families with children under 18 years old with transitional housing and assistance getting a permanent place to live. They are expanding their efforts with Sheila's Dream, adding more housing because, unfortunately, it is so desperately needed.

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